Ashley Fitzgerald

Co-Founder & Brand Director

The Pre-Med program at Loyola University Chicago wasn't for me... So I opted for math instead. I have always remained fascinated with the medical field. After completing my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, I began working as a front desk receptionist for Milford Vascular Institute (MVI). While I saw this position as a transitional role, something to pay the bills until I found my true calling, I've never been the type to half ass anything. If I was going to be a front desk receptionist, I was going to be the best front desk receptionist there ever was!

I quickly worked to improve efficiency and production within the office. I wanted to improve their (already outstanding) customer service. I wanted every patient who came to Milford Vascular tell six of their friend about us. I would sell our procedures to patients, reassuring them they were in the best hands for the job. And then I realized... I was marketing. 

I took over MVI's social media, increasing their followers by 275%. I created educational videos for patients to learn more about their ailments directly from the providers who would be treating them. I aided in the rebranding of Milford Vascular, emphasizing the uniqueness as a practice; a practice that actually cares.

I began networking with other doctor's offices; dropping off sweets and referral pads while thanking them for their referrals. This process made me realize the lack of emphasis most physicians place on marketing. When 5% of Google searches are health related, a doctor's office who wants to compete needs to have an online presence.  

And so, Resuscitation Marketing was born. My goal is to breathe life into your practice by showcasing its personality. Every team is unique. Rid your practice of the white coat syndrome. Let your patients get to know you....