Amanda Hershman, RN

Co-Founder of  The Glow Bar Milford

Amanda Hershman, RN treating patient wit

Every morning instagram is the first app I open. I screen shot a “you got this quote,” new skin care product (that I don't need) and add something to some cart (usually Amazon or Revolve). I spend endless time researching products, brands, workouts, vitamins, simple noninvasive procedures and how to better myself through a little bit of self care.

While I have always known is that bettering myself starts within, we can't help but focus on whats on the outside at times. In trying to balance work, workouts, scheduling enough taco Tuesdays, and weekly happy hours I began to notice my skin getting more and more dull and myself becoming easily fatigued. I realized I may need some help if I want to keep living my best life! 

I have always woken up puffy and never knew why. In a deep dive on Instagram I discovered the trend of rolling. I tried every roller there was- jade, microderm, rose quartz you name it. I would roll but still be puffy and tired- not looking like a glowing celebrity that the Nordstrom website said I would. I was determined to find a way to get that Glow. I read about icing your face and in that I found my holy grail, the ice roller. 

This was a tip of my beauty iceberg. I quickly learned how this was going to keep me living my best life- puffy and wrinkle free. I began researching the benefits of ice rolling, the lymphatic system and the vascular system, the importance of vitamins, and other "easy" lifestyle changes that could help me glow from within. 

Preventive measures we take now will be beneficial later to our skin and bodies. It starts with small corrections to enhance preserve our youth and hold onto the days of “wrinkle-less” skin, plump lips, and luscious lashes. Our bodies change over time. We become consumed with work, family, relationships and life. Giving your body a little TLC now will help us to give 100% back to everyone around us- our friends, or jobs, and most importantly ourselves. 

The Glow Bar was started to educate and help others help themselves. The Glow Bar is a place to come to give back to yourself. A place to indulge in vitamins, wrinkle releasers, fillers, facials, ice rolling, and every beauty cream question in between. We shouldn’t have to choose or feel guilty for taking the time for ourselves. 

I want to leave you feeling like your best self. Looking good is feeling good and the Glow Bar will get you- and keep you there.

Amanda Hershman, RN juggling Vitamin Coc